Finding and sharing food sources in your city

Anna’s Prickly Pear Share

One of Urban Tucker Woman’s loyal followers, Anna, sent in a picture of a prickly pear bush cutting her friend Mario gave her as a gift.  Mario received it from his Italian mother’s prickly pear bush located in Midland, Western Australia. Instead of just retrieving one prickly pear for Anna, he took a whole cluster and suggested she hang it up on a wall so she could pick it whenever she wished! It’s such a great idea and it looks so decorative and colourful!

"Hi Caroline,
This is such a lovely idea to put to use all the produce and food that might be getting wasted. One only has to look around at trees laden with fruit, with no signs of them being picked, to know the waste. Thanks for taking the initiative and doing this, we need to spread the word and get more people to join the sharing."

"Love the story. You should connect with Danielle at the Urban Co-op in Wittenoon Street East Perth."
Big Al