Finding and sharing food sources in your city

Francesca’s Chilli Oil


2 x homegrown dried chillies (Francesca uses the ‘Seven Brothers’ variety)

Good quality olive oil (however much you need to fill the jar or bottle you are using).


  1. Pick a heap of fresh chillies from your backyard ‘Seven Brother’s chilli plant (pick as many as you wish depending on how many jars /bottles of chilli oil you are making but allow for 2 per jar).
  2. Leave chillies on a cloth to dry in the kitchen for approximately 5-6 weeks or until they are starting to wrinkle.
  3. Chop up 2 dried chillies and place in a jar of freshly made or good quality olive oil. To ensure you can see the seeds floating in the oil, deseed the chillies first and scrape seeds into the jar before chopping up the red fleshy part.

IMG_2931 IMG_2930

"Hi Caroline,
This is such a lovely idea to put to use all the produce and food that might be getting wasted. One only has to look around at trees laden with fruit, with no signs of them being picked, to know the waste. Thanks for taking the initiative and doing this, we need to spread the word and get more people to join the sharing."

"Love the story. You should connect with Danielle at the Urban Co-op in Wittenoon Street East Perth."
Big Al