Finding and sharing food sources in your city

Mosman Park EcoFair!!!!

Thanks to all who came down to support us at the Eco Fair!!!

Thanks for everyone for coming down to support us at the Mosman Park EcoFair – was wonderful to have so many of you wanting to get involved and share with your community!    

Grapefruit Marmalade (Mum’s best & easiest!)

All done!

This is the best!  Even people who don’t like grapefruit marmalade fall in love with this one! The wonderful thing about this recipe is that you can use any quantity of fruit – you just match it with the recommended quantities of water and sugar. I love it on warm toast with butter and sprinkled […]

Ecofair Sat 2 May 2015

Come and visit us at the Mosman Park Ecofair on Sat 2 May 2015 from 10am to 4pm.

Urban Tucker Plucker II


Another useful Urban Tucker Plucker – the hook you use to hang your plants in a basket on the pergola.  Keep one in the boot of the car! Aesops Fables – “The Kelpie & the Grapes”  (only this time the grapes are not sour!!!)

Prickly Pear Urban Tucker Plucker

Urban Tucker Plucker

Prickly Pear Urban Tucker Plucker!!  Just attach an empty tin to a garden stake to keep your hands safe from the prickles!

About Urban Tucker Woman


In the city we tend to become distant from our food – it seems it just comes from shops and yet – we are surrounded by food! …. and not just in supermarkets, in your yard, over your neighbour’s fence, down back alleys, on empty blocks, on the beach, savvy housing estates using lemon and […]

Urban Tucker Woman on Figs


Join Urban Tucker Woman and Katie J on a fig picking adventure in the suburbs of Cottesloe, Western Australia. After picking from the laden tree, we head down to the river to make a bbq…. of figs wrapped in prosciutto. Sooooo good!

Urban Tucker Woman on Prickly Pears


We have been invited to the incredible home of Perth based artist, Evi Ferrier, who shows us how to pick and eat prickly pears…. oh and find out how to removes prickles from your body, thanks to our camera man Steve Martin!

Urban Tucker Woman on Passionfruit


Watch Urban Tucker Woman in action as she craftily draws gardening secrets from her neighbour Stuart! All she wants is to have the same success growing passionfruit as him….and what does he do with his passionfruit? Find out!

Urban Tucker Woman on Oranges


Often citrus fruits are the ones we end up with abundances of in our backyard. Although these fruits are wonderful for simple everyday recipes such as fresh juices and salad dressings, Urban Tucker Woman  has delved a little deeper to find some new and interesting ways to use these fruits.

"Hi Caroline,
This is such a lovely idea to put to use all the produce and food that might be getting wasted. One only has to look around at trees laden with fruit, with no signs of them being picked, to know the waste. Thanks for taking the initiative and doing this, we need to spread the word and get more people to join the sharing."

"Love the story. You should connect with Danielle at the Urban Co-op in Wittenoon Street East Perth."
Big Al